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Pointing Machine

Pointing, sometimes called tagging or swaging, is a process that reduces a tube's, rod and profile end to permit it to pass through a draw die for a drawing operation. After the tube end goes through the draw die, gripper jaws converge on the point to begin the draw operation.

Tube Rod Rotary Swager Machine

Meraj Rotary Swaging is a process for reducing the diameter of a length of tubing. The reduced diameter can be any length, from a short end up to the entire length of the tube, or any length in between. The tubing is fed by hand, or mechanically, into custom made, hardened steel dies. Through the reciprocating action of the die halves, the tube is worked into the shape cut in the dies.

Meraj manufactures different kind of hydraulic based fully Automatic & Manual Swaging Machines, Rotary Swaging Machine for tubes OR Pipes depending on the size & design of swaged tubes.

Feature :

  • Externally rigid Construction
  • Temper-Free Alignment
  • Excellent finishes & accuracy
  • Fast Set-up & Change over
  • User-Friendly machines
  • Cost-effective process
  • Increased tensile strength
  • An improved surface finish
  • Less material
  • Less time
  • Better finish
  • Higher strength

Model No. Min. Dia mm Max. Dia mm Max Wall Thickness Motor Capacity
MRS-8 2 8 0.5 1.5
MRS-14 5 14 1 3
MRS-22 6 22 1.5 5
MRS-30 8 30 3 7.5
MRS-50 15 50 4 10
MRS-65 20 65 5 20
MRS-80 30 80 6 30

The machines has no heating, hence this is purely a cold process. Hence, less power consumption and highly suitable for industries engaged in mass production of swaged parts/components. The machine circuit is internationally designed & consumption of power is very less.

Application :

The Rotary Swager has very wide application, in such manufacturing units where process like metal forming is involved. A few of its applications as mention below :-

  • Compacting electrical tubular heaters to eliminate trapped air and improve life of heaters.
  • Pointing tubes, rods and wires prior to drawing.
  • Front tapering and hole closing on gas welding nozzles, spot welding tips etc.
  • Bicycle fork, seat steam and hub manufacture.
  • For manufacturing thermometer refrigerator gas bottle, fire extinguisher bulbs.
  • For manufacturing box and tubular spanners, gas bottle openers.
  • Assembly operations such as terminal swaging on cables, forming square on speedometer cables and various other operations.
  • Forming square shoulder flat points for screw drives files ets.
  • Forming square shoulder flat points for screw drives files ets.
  • For manufacturing umbrella sticks fountain pen caps jotter refills and similar parts.
  • Tapering of steel and aluminum tabular furniture legs.
  • Reducing ends of automobile tie rods and other similar components.

Hydraulic Tube Squeeze Pointing Machine

Merajoffers hydraulic tube pointing machine shall put an end to the age of rotary swaging concept involved in pointing a Tube by hammering. Its time something like this tube pointing machine was adopted and its efficiency, precision, reliability and noiseless operation availed of.

This machine involves a Hydraulic process to give you pointed Tube ends where heavy reductions in size is possible with a round concentric point.

Feature :

  • Free of vibration
  • Free of noise
  • Free of maintenance
  • Free of foundation
  • Free of movability
  • Round concentric reduction pointing for easy grip
  • Smooth operation with low tooling cost
  • Low power cost

Technical Specification :

Tube Diameter

Maximum reduction in one stroke 150mm to 75mm
Maximum reduction in one strokeĀ  75mm to 30mm
Maximum reduction in one stroke 30mm to 15mm

Technical Data of Machine

Tools Set of dies (As per customers requirement)
Operation cycle time 15 to 25 Second depending upon size of Tube & Reduction
Pointing length 150mm or less (As per customers requirement)
Power rating 15 hp 3 Phase 50 Hz AC
10 hp 3 Phase 50 Hz AC
5hp 3 Phase 50 Hz AC

Model No. Dimension in mm Max. Tube OD Min. Tube OD Max. Length Point
MHSP-25 25 25 0 120
MHSP-50 50 50 0 160
MHSP-80 80 80 0 175
MHSP-100 100 100 0 200
MHSP-150 150 150 25 200
MHSP-200 200 200 50 225

Push Pointing Machine

Hydraulic Push Pointing is the forming of a tubular component by means of a horizontal press whereby the component is clamped and a multi die forming head is tranversed over the work piece, forming it to the required profile.

Our 50 tone hydraulic push pointing unit is able to accept components up to a maximum start size of 125mm in a variety of steels.

The profiles achievable can be :-
Round to round, stepped down in multiple passes.
Round to square - hexagon or star profile.

Capacity :

  • Mild Steel Tube : 125mm x 6mm
  • Mild Steel Solid (Cold) : 40mm
  • Non-Ferrous Solid : 50mm
  • Minimum Point Size : 10mm
  • Maximum Parra Length : 250mm