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Roll Pointing Machine for Rod & Wire

Before the wire is pushed through the die hole of wire drawing machine, to enter the wire in the die it should be pointed at starting end, so that it can pass through the die hole easily. The pointed end of the wire is then pulled by means of pull-in tong in order to draw it.

Wire pointing machine is used to point starting end of wire. It has two rollers having different sizes of grooves on their periphery. As the machine starts, rollers rotate in opposite direction of each other. End of the wire to be pointed is pushed between the two rollers which tend to point the wire.

Rollers are made out of high quality alloy steel and are duly hardened and ground to give longer working life.

Roll pointing machine Roll pointing machine

Capacity :

  • Wire and Bar : Ø1mm to 6mm and 7mm to 20mm
  • Material : Ferrous and Non Ferrous

Salient Feature :

  • Rollers are made from Alloy Hardened & Grounded
  • All Gears & Shafts are made from EN8 & EN9 Material
  • Main Shaft Rotate in Spherical Bearing
  • All Gears are fully covered
  • Body & structure made from Steel Plates