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Straightening Machine

Metal Stock, such as wire, rods, bars, profile and tubes, is formed by rolling, drawing and otherwise shaping the metal both while it is a relevant temperature and after it has cooled. The metal stock cools and cures in a heterogeneous manner such that a degree of warpage and curvature typically develops in the stock. In the prior art, the stock has been straightened in machine known as metal stock straighteners.

Cross Roll Tube Straightening Machine

Meraj multi-cross-roll straightening machine allows the tube to be rounded straight during straightening.

The Meraj multi-cross-roll tube straightening machines provide all the advantage and meet the requirement of modern industries. Meraj offers two types of straightening machine with 6 roll and 10 roll design respectively, each of which meets a particular requirement of straightness tolerance.

The 6 roll tube straightening machine caters to straightening tolerance of 1mm in 1 Mtr length and the 10 roll tube straightening machine caters to straightening tolerance upto 1mm in 5 Mtr lengths depending on material specifications

Model No. Capacity (OD)
Range mm
Max Dia mm Max. Wall Thickness Min. Wall Thickness Speed Mtr.
MTS-8 3-8 9 2 .5 40
MTS-13 3-13 15 2.5 .5 38
MTS-20 4-20 20 2.5 .5 35
MTS-30 6-30 32 3.2 1 32
MTS-40 8-40 45 4.5 1 30
MTS-65 13-65 75 6.0 1.5 28
MTS-100 20-100 115 8.1 2 25
MTS-125 25-125 140 8.5 2 25
MTS-150 30-150 165 9.5 3 18
MTS-200 40-200 215 10.0 4 16

Feature :

  • Machines comprise of six / ten work rolls arranged in pairs.
  • Rolls are quickly and easily adjusted angularly to give a perfect contact between the tubes and roll over the maximum effective roll profile.
  • Setting of the machine for different sizes of tube is simple.
  • All rolls are driven by two identical electric motors.
  • Machines are fitted with indicators for vertical and angular setting of rolls.
  • Accuracy
  • Long-life straightening rolls

Bar / Rod Reeling Machine

Precision round bar straightening & polishing machines manufactured by Meraj Engineering are of the “two roll, adjustable angle” type.

These machines are recognized for the potential to precisely straighten ferrous and non-ferrous round bars.

All machines are supplied with Automatic (hydraulic), Semi-Automatic & Manually operated system which prevents damage to the rolls or machine structure. This feature allows the operator to pre-set the load that is applied to the bar is it passes through the machine.

The mechanical design of each model of the machines is suitable for heavy duty applications.

With their extensive knowledge of metal straightening, our engineers are able to solve the majority of round bar straightening problems.

Model No. Minimum Dia (mm) Maximum Dia (mm)
MTSM-15 6 15
MTSM-25 10 25
MTSM-40 20 40
MTSM-70 30 70
MTSM-100 50 100

Feature :

  • Helical Gear Box
  • Rollers Made From HCHCR Steel
  • Rollers Rotate in Spherical Bearing
  • All Shafts are made from EN Series Steels
  • Branded Ball Bearing used in shafts
  • Body is made from High Grade Casting or Fabricated with Steel Plates
  • Accurate straightening of wide range of ferrous or non-ferrous materials whether rolled drawn or extruded.
  • Improved surface finish of materials.
  • High production

Parallel Roll strip / Profile Straightening Machine

Our range of strip / profile straightening machines is “roller” type configured with single or dual planes containing close spaced straightening rolls.

These are heavy duty machines suitable for high production and long service life.

Meraj Engineering straightening machines are user friendly and can be set quickly by a trained operator.

The majority of metal Profiles, square, rectangular & hexagon, solid or tubular can be straightened with an appropriate machine model.

Our straightening machine are highly durable and can be adjusted anywhere in the industrial appliances.

The unending demand of our straightening machine hand other products has made us one of the top hydraulic straightening machinery manufacturers, and exporters in India

Model No. Mini Thickness (mm) Max Thickness (mm) Mini Width (mm) Max Width (mm)
MSM-3x30 1 3 10 30
MSM-10x50 4 10 20 50
MSM-20x100 5 20 50 100

Feature :

  • Different size of the profile can be straightened
  • Fast process of Straightening
  • Capable of making finish corner during straightening
  • Very Less Maintenance cost
  • Easy Operation
  • High Quality Rolls.
  • Heavy Duty Worm Gear Type Screw Down Mechanism.
  • Steel Fabricated Body.
  • Number of rolls can be 8 x 10 and are suitable for all types of profiles
    (Joists, Angle, Channels, Flats) etc.
  • Mechanical / Hydraulic System
  • Material for Straightening: ferrous and non-ferrous.

Parallel Roll Tube & Rod Straightening Machine

Meraj Engineering two-plane geared roll straightener is capable of feeding and straightening accurately thin walled tubing from 1X4" to 5" OD X 1mm wall.

Power driven feed rolls advance the tube or bar stock through two sets of rolls, eight rolls to a plane.

The tube does not rotate during passage, thus eliminating stock damage such as spiraled burrs, or operator injury due to rotating tubes.

Rolls are designed for each particular requirement. They may be supplied for square or hexagon as well as round. Drive roll spindles are mounted on Timken bearings. The idler rolls rotate on needle bearings.

Gear boxes are totally enclosed with hardened steel gears bathing in oil.

Meraj Engineering Machines can be built for a speed range to meet the customer's requirements. Feed roll speed is controlled using an inverter duty motor and an engineered AC Inverter Drive.

The roll housings are mounted on a welded steel base. Centerline may be altered to meet customer specifications

Material for Straightening: ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as copper & copper alloy, brass, aluminium, ss, ms etc.

Model No. Capacity (OD)
Range mm
Max Dia mm Max. Wall Thickness Min. Wall Thickness Speed Mtr.
MPTSM-6 6 25 0.5 3 40
MPTSM-20 20 50 1 6 30
MPTSM-30 30 75 2 10 20
MPTSM-50 50 150 3 15 10

Hydraulic Stretching Straightening Machine

Merajhydraulic stretching straightening machine for tube, rod and Profile is used to stretch with different length to equal length and for straightening it.

Model No. Min. width mm Max. width mm Min. thickness mm Max. thickness mm
MSSM-30 10 30 1 3
MSSM-50 20 50 4 10
MSSM-100 50 100 5 20
MSSM-200 50 200 6 30

Feature :

  • Advance technology which cuts the cost
  • Hydraulic stretching, stable quality
  • PLC automatic controlled, easy to operate
  • Accuracy