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Hydro Static Tube Testing Machine

Meraj Hydrostatic Testing Unit is a safety-oriented product used to pressure test tubing and premium connections up to 10,000 psi, in order to meet API standards.

The unit utilizes test plugs with motorized rotation allowing for appropriate torque application, ultimately enabling quality test operations.

Model No. Max. OD in mm Min. OD in mm Max. Press. in Kg/cm2 Max. Tube Length in Mtr.
MHT-40 50 6 200 8
MHT-100 110 25 300 8
MHT-150 150 40 400 8

Basic Feature of Machine :

  • Tube Clamping through Pneumatic System
  • Easy Changeable tooling System
  • Motorized mechanism for movement of front and back seal holder.
  • Length setting for Different Length of tubes can be set by Quick Adjustable Moveable Testing Head
  • Different Tube Diameter can be tested just by changing the rubber seal
  • Seal Holder Unit – Movable Type
  • Tube Ejecting System – Pneumatically
  • Operation Auto, Semi Auto and Manual