Paavanpack industries

Bull Block Machine

The Single Bull Block Non-Slip type drawing machines are designed for drawing of metals like Copper, Aluminium, Mild steel, Brass.

Vertical & horizontal bull blocks with multi speed & variable drives Suitable for ferrous& non-ferrous tube & wire ranging from 1mm to 30mm inlets

Description :

Bull block wire drawing machine is used to draw tube & wire size from 30mm to 1mm.

This machine is also continuous type for multiple pass, the body of the machine is made up of graded cast iron or it can be made up of mild steel plates.

The drum is made up of graded cast iron with surface hardening at its drawing portion with smooth grinded finish.

Capacity :

  • Tube : 25mm
  • Rod : 16mm
  • Material : Ferrous and Non Ferrous